Welcome to my personal blog.. Enjoy :)

Just Breathe…

Hello everyone and welcome to my personal blog.

Well, I always struggle with this section because I literally have no idea what to say about myself.

For starters, I am  currently studying BSC Media Production at De Montfort University and I actually really enjoy my course, I think it is the best decision I’ve made in my life. This course has really motivated me and brought out my secret passions such as photography and magazine article writing. So, I love photography, I do try and participate in events in my free time to boost my experience, I also write for my university magazine, The Demon, every now and then.

Apart from my academic life, I would class myself as a fun to be around and social person, I love going out talking to random people and just making new friends. I am also a walking disaster, I trip, fall wherever I go and that explains my body being covered in bruises.

If you found the “about me” section slightly interesting then you’ll probably find the rest of my blog interesting too so please stay and check it out, I will posting a lot of my own personal life journeys, holidays and my photography.




It’ll be worth a read, I promise!

Love xx