Hey Guys..

Hope everyone is doing well, this blog post is just a brief discussion about familiarising myself with daily create; something I’ve never heard of in my life.

Daily create is a website where everyday, a new thought in form of an image or words is posted and as media production students, it is our job to make a tweet in relation to that daily create thought. So, basically tweet our responses in the form of our thoughts to that daily create thought.. get it?

Well it does seem pretty complicated whilst reading it but I promise its actually really easy, I think I should demonstrate using picture.

Step one: Click on this link and you will see the daily create website. On this website you will not only be able to access today’s daily create thought but you will also be able to access daily create thoughts from like a week ago.

Daily Create

This is today’s daily create with everyone else’s response via tweets.


Step 2: All you have to do now is think and tweet your thought to @ds106dc with the hashtag #photoswithoutphotos and #tdc1741

Now it is about my thoughts on this particular daily create post. Well, I am a naturally emotional, “lovey” “dovey” person and the first thing that came into my mind that I would photograph is “true love”. So I thought about what exactly can true love be and I came up with the same old cliched idea of an old couple holding hands sitting on a bench in some park one foggy morning and staring into space. That’s my idea of true love, when you love someone so much, obviously there are other factors that come into this such as compromise and kids but for me, if me and my partner are able to tolerate each other and love each other unconditionally for our whole lives; that is true love.

A bit cheesy, philosophical, fairy tail things going on over there?!

And here is my response in form of a tweet to this daily create post.

My daily create response

That’s it for today guys, more philosophical and cheesy daily create responses are coming your way soon!!

Message me your responses on

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Love xx






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