Hey peeps!!

This blog post is all about how I created my first animated GIF and how I responded to the 2nd of November’s daily create task.

Take a look at the link below and check out 2nd of November’s daily create task..

2nd November walking GIF daily create

So, basically we had to recreate Emma’s gif and make a brand new gif of women, animals or men walking. I found this daily create task really interesting so firstly I downloaded the “gif it” chrome extension and that enabled me to make gifs on YouTube using Google Chrome.

Setting up the gif extension on my laptop made me so happy because not only I am able to create gifs for my course but now I can create gifs for fun and share them on social media!


Step 2 was deciding what video describes the best and the most unique form of walking and the first thing that came into my mind was toddlers taking their first ever steps because I just find babies so darn cute.

Step 3: typed in YouTube “babies walking” and created my gif from there.

Take a look at my recreation of Emma’s walking gif guys:


Cute right?!

Take a look at my response in form of a tweet on the daily create twitter page..


That’s it for today guys

See you soon!

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