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I am back with another blog post and this blog post is all about how I created an animated gif of my favourite musician, ARIJIT SINGH!! Now, let me tell you guys how much I absolutely love that guy, I’ve been to two of his concerts and till date; those nights were the best nights of my life.

I am going to show you guys a few of my all time favourite Arijit Singh’s songs with the English translations and after reading these translations, your heart will seriously melt and you’ll already be on the verge of falling in love with him.

  1. Soch Na Sake

2. Humari Adhuri Kahani

3. Enna Sonna

4. Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki

These are just a few selection of my favourite songs, I can go on and on. Everything Arijit Singh sings is just perfect, he is able to sing in any style whether its a slow romantic song or if it is a fast paced song; he is just perfect.

I can relate to his songs so much as he sings about a lot of emotional issues and being an emotional fool, all of his songs make me blubber like a baby.

The Song I chose to gif is “Soch Na Sake. Honestly speaking if I have to choose, Soch Na Sake is probably my favourite song mainly because it has got a little bit of a Punjabi take to it and since I’m a true Punjabi at heart, I love Bollywood songs which have a little Punjabi take to it.

It just makes the song more meaningful!

In terms of the lyrics, my favourite part of the song is at the beginning so when Arijit Singh says

“tenu itna main pyar karan, ek pal ek sau vaar karan” which means “I love you so much, probably a 100 times”.

This line gives me goosebumps because it makes me go into “fairy-tale land” for a while and it makes me think that there is someone out there for me and one day he will love me as deep as these lyrics.

So if I am able to document any part of the song, Soch Na Sake into the gif I am about to create then it would that one line which is at the beginning of the song.

Since I’ve never created a gif before, I have absolutely no idea how to go about so after some research, I found “gif it”. Gif it is probably the most easiest plug in or app to have on Google Chrome, all you do is download this extension file:

Gif it 😀

Once you’ve downloaded the Chrome extension file, the gif it extension will be available to use on YouTube. Remember, this is only available on Google Chrome.

Now that the gif it extension file is successfully installed, you can go and create your gif of anything whether it is a song or a clip from a movie or television programme.


See, absolutely simple to create a gif!!

Here you go, below is the first ever gif that I created and its of my favourite musician, Arijit Singh…



This is a nice gif but it looks extremely boring and out of context. If I post this on social media, my audience will not have a clue about the meaning behind this gif or what song he is singing in this gif.

I wasn’t very happy after experimenting with the gif it extension and I did not want to end my gif like this so I thought of going that extra mile and maybe create a moving gif from scratch on Adobe Premier Pro. A software I am comfortable with, after all I love experimenting with Adobe Premier Pro and if creativity means adding feelings like Gauntlett suggests then by all means do what it takes for you to find that feeling, that connection; after all construction is a form of connection.

The creation of this gif so much more exciting, all I need to do is download an mp3 version of “Soch Na Sake” and add that beginning to this gif, maybe some text as well to make it look even more exciting.


Gauntlett: “we need to make things with media in order to think more thoroughly about the opportunities and risks associated with different materials, tools and services, both within themselves and when out in the world”.

Clay, A. (no date) Social media production: Everyday creativity. Available at: https://vle.dmu.ac.uk/bbcswebdav/pid-3493286-dt-content-rid-5680908_1/courses/TECH2002_2017_Y/tech2002weekeightlec1617andrew_clay%281%29.pdf (Accessed: 27 February 2017).

In much simpler language, take the Chrome extension and Premier Pro as an example, I have experimented with both the gif it tool AND a creative tool called Adobe Premier Pro. The gif it tool by itself made the final media product seem very dull but with both, the gif it tool and Premier Pro, the final media product looks much more appealing to the eye. There you go, not only I know certain risks with the Google extension gif it tool but I also know what opportunities are brought upon if I join two materials or tools in this case together.

There you go, check out my moving image gif that I created on Adobe Premier Pro with the song “Soch Na Sake” in the background:

I think it looks so much than a singular gif that doesn’t show anything!

All I did was use gif it extension file on several live versions which show Arijit Singh singing, add a few transitions in Premier Pro and add music in the background and your moving gif is created.

These are live gifs I created from the Chrome gif it extension. Even though the final product is moving, I’ve still managed to keep the main essence of a gif.

Fun to do right?!

However, if you guys do not know how to use Adobe Premier Pro then it is worth checking out a few YouTube tutorials, I’ve provided the links below.

Watch them, they really help!!

Watch them!!!

That is it for now, hope you all loved reading this blog post…

But before I go, I would love to share my experience of going to a live Arijit Singh show, take a look

Oh and Arijit sings “Soch Na Sake” live for me too 🙂 🙂 🙂

Aw, look how happy we look!!

A snippet of Soch Na Sake live!!

Check out my tweet on the ds106 website guys!!


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Love x



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