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I am back again and in this blog post, I am going to tell you how much fun I’ve had finally getting the chance to create my own mixtape. Music is probably the only thing that keeps me sane so for me to be able to create a mixtape on not only on the Hollywood genre but the Bollywood genre too was extremely therapeutic and exciting to create.

Basically, all we had to do for this audio assignment was to simply try creating a mixtape, it didn’t have to be of a professional “DJ” level, it was a way of telling everyone so the audience why you created this mixtape and what’s your story behind the selection of these songs.

Take a look at the ds106 assignment brief below:

ds106 audio assignment

So, as I mentioned above that I couldn’t just stick to creating one mixtape. If I had the time, I would have created millions of playlists on Soundcloud of different genres but because I had limited time, I created two playlists.

One called the Party Mix which consists of the songs:

“Where are you now”- Justin Bieber ft Skrillex and Diplo

“I don’t wanna live forever”- ZAYN and Taylor Swift


“Sexual”- Neiked ft Dyo

“Party”- Chris Brown

“Wiggle”- Jason Derulo ft Snoop Dog

“Me n You”- Cassie

“Promiscuous”- Nelly Furtado ft Timbaland

“Sexy Love” – Ne-Yo

😉 😉 😉 Sexy Love…

(Could not embed YouTube video but check out the link, it’s still a cool song.)


All of you must be thinking, why these songs?!

I mean I could’ve chosen any song but the reason why I chose these specific songs is because they are the ones that are most frequently played at “pree drinks” so in other words, at the drink up before we all go to the club. On Spotify, I have a playlist called “Well I managed to make it to 21”, I made this playlist for my 21st house gathering last year in September and it basically consists of all of my favourite songs. As months went by, new music was being released and whenever I like a song, I just add it to the “Well I managed to make it to 21” playlist.

Now you must be thinking, why is this one playlist so special to me and why have I given it this title?!

Well, allow me to explain, because I am about to get philosophical again…

This playlist is really special to me because after all the hardships, crazy and wacky roads in my life, I actually made it safe and sound and mainly alive to 21 years old. I’ll always cherish and remember the purpose of this playlist. Also, as music is always going to be around, touch wood, I will share a new song onto my playlist every single week.

Take a look at my Spotify “Well I managed to make it to 21” playlist below and see if you’re able to spot out the songs which are in the mix I have produced…

There are a few screenprints just to show you what my playlist looks like and underneath those screenprints is the link to my Spotify playlist so you’re able to explore my playlist and my Spotify more in-depth. If you like or have any questions about my Spotify playlist then please don’t hesitate to message me on my FACEBOOK page.

This will allow you as audiences to have as media theorist Marshall suggests, a greater and interpersonal connection with the source so in this case, Spotify. Perhaps you will see a song on one of my playlists you’ve never heard before and you may be able to connect to it and this connection to a particular song may make you want to share it onto social media and THIS introduces a two way flow of information between the user and the machine; well in this case, between the user and the app, Spotify. This action, itself creates control and empowerment of the media user, so if you like a song, you have that control or power to physically share that one song onto your social networking sites to show the rest of the world.

Marshall also notices the shift, so the shift from being an active user (the way that we appropriate media forms into our everyday lives making them meaningful in some way) to being a participant who produces culture. So not only we’ve always been relating media to our personal lives but we also absorb that information and we take a step further to actually participating in the media and create new meaningful media.


This Party Mix is a clear representation on how I’ve taken the most frequently played songs in my playlist and made a mixtape out of them. It just shows how I’ve turned into a participant who has produced a whole new range of media which can be shared, meaningful and remade again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Well I managed to make it to 21!

This is what you call an effective interactive user…

There you go, now you’ve got an insight on why I chose these songs and where I chose them from. Now it is all about how did I exactly create this mixtape?!

Simple, I downloaded Audacity!

“Audacity is a free, open source, cross platform audio software for multitrack recording and editing.”

Check out this link below and if you want to create a mix or to simply just have some fun playing around with Audacity then click download.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Download Audacity

Although before you make a start on Audacity, its worth checking out a few YouTube tutorials on how to use this software because like Adobe After Effects, Audacity can be slightly tricky too.

Check out these videos below:

And this:

Now, its time for me to show you what I did when I downloaded Audacity, I am going to go through a few steps which I found really difficult and annoying to do on Audacity.

I hope alongside the YouTube tutorials, a few of these steps might make your life even more easier.


I understand you may be a little confused right now because all of the tracks seem invisible but believe me all of my tracks still exist on this software. All I’ve done is I’ve clicked on the tab called “tracks” and “mixed and rendered” all of my tracks into one final “mixed up” track. Having a final mixed up track enables the user to be able to safely and easily export the file as an mp3 file onto their documents. It also makes it even more simple to share onto your Soundcloud profile.

The “selection tool”, “time shift tool” or “muting and selecting a track” alongside with other effects will only be easier for you to understand once you watch the YouTube videos provided above.


The first screenprint shows the effect tab, the effect enables the user to made their final track special and different to them and the second screenprint shows the “selection tool”, “time shift tool” and other tools.

I hope the provided YouTube tutorials and the screenprints help you when you are constructing your mixtape.

Once again check out my mixtape, My Party Mix…

See, absolutely simple to use!

Now, my absolute favourite part.. Since I had so much fun with using Audacity, I thought of going that extra mile of creating a Bollywood playlist as well.

Check out my Bollywood playlist everyone,

Bollywood Mix

Here are the songs AND quotes I chose in order to create this Bollywood mix:

Channa Mereya

English translation: Channa English

Kun Faya Kun

English translation: Kun Faya translation

Aa bhi ja

English translation: Aa Bhi Ja translation


English translation: Dua translation


English translation: Banjaara trans

Aas Paas Hai Khuda  (English translation included)

And here are the movie quotes I decided to add into this mix to make it even more meaningful to me:

If you read these translations or watch certain expressions on these characters faces and not even understand what they’re saying then you’ll find that everything put together in this mix seems very soulful and peaceful when you are listening to it.

My intention was to create a peaceful playlist, I have such a long list of all time favourite Bollywood songs and quotes that it would take an endless amount of time mix and render into audacity. Therefore these are songs that I carefully selected based on how meaningful the lyrics are and create a mix on audacity.

Again, follow the YouTube tutorials and screenprints provided above and you will be absolutely perfect in creating loads of mixes.

That’s it from me!!!

I shall be back with a whole new blog post and even more inspirational ideas.

Check out my tweet on the ds106 website!!


In the mean time, follow me on:

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Love x






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