Hey guys…

I am back again with another blogpost, another mashup and another way of showing you guys what kind of things I am interested in. Before I go in depth about how I created is video mashup, let me just reiterate how much I am obsessed with the television programme,

How I met your mother  and especially


But firstly, just to add a little bit of context, this is a mashup/remix assignment and as a producer, you can mashup or remix absolutely anything. I chose to mashup HIMYM and Ted Mosby because that is my favourite programme and character but my all means, go ahead and be absolutely creative about your final media product. It is something that is special to you, something you’re able to connect to and maybe the rest of the world can because remember “making is connecting”.

Take a look at the assignment brief below:

ds106 remix/mashup

For those of you who contemplate on the definition what exactly is a remix or a mashup…

Really, that is for you to decide! Personally when it comes to remixing and mashups, I don’t really follow the set definition because both of them “involve the creative act of making something new from previous work”. Whether it is cutting or editing a piece of media to create something that fits your interpretation or whether it is mixing of different media clips to create one final thing, either way, the primary source will always be the same.

Remixing or mashing it up, the final media product is bits of the original media put together.

So go ahead and remix or mashup whatever you want, make it creative and personal to you!

A lot of people well majority of the world may talk about and love Friends and you will find a lot of people who will debate on How I Met Your Mother being an exact copy of the famous television programme, Friends but to me HIMYM holds a lot of sentimental value.

This is purely because of Ted Mosby’s character and personality, there is something about him. For example, when starts off every episode with a life lesson and with the phrase “kids”, his voice and the way he speaks is absolutely mesmerising.

If you guys are strange and don’t even know what Friends is then check out the Friends them song below. It’s pretty catchy, don’t get me wrong I love watching Friends, I think it is absolutely hilarious but in terms of connection; HIMYM does it for me.

Now watch the opening theme song of How I Met Your Mother and no it has not stolen that “Friends” essence. In fact, I love how they take that “dark room” photography approach, its amazing.

So why Ted Mosby and why not Robin or Marshall or Barney Stinston?!

Why Ted Mosby?!

I hope you’re able to figure from the series of gifs and photographs above that Ted is actually an emotional wreck and he is a real “sucker” when it comes to love. Throughout the entire programme from series 1, all the way to the end, Ted is portrayed as an emotionally unstable person. He so wants to find someone who he is able to fall in love with, someone who he is able to have kids with, how exactly he met his kids’ mother; Ted documents his life and love life so clearly especially in every single season but if you look at him carefully, he is an emotional wreck!

AND to a certain extent, I am an emotional disaster myself!!

“I just have a lot of feelings!”

This is why I chose Ted Mosby as my favourite character to create a video mashup of, the way he speaks, the quotes, his expressions and his love life, everything is a sheer representation of me,

Shefali Hunjan!

So how did I choose my favourite scenes from HIMYM and how exactly did I go about it, creating a final media mashup of the programme?!

I joined a few scenes together, added a soundtrack and I create a video mashup of my favourite Ted Mosby scenes and How I met Your Mother as a whole just to add a little bit of context to those people who don’t know what they are watching. After all mashups are not all about putting your favourite scenes together but its also about creating context, telling the audience a little bit about the media product in a few scenes.

There you go, Viola!!

So here are some of my all time favourite scenes put together, although with How I Met Your Mother, I can go on and on but at the same time, I didn’t want to give the whole programme away, that is why I’ve included small snippets of every character.

  1. I chose to start off with the very last scene of HIMYM because there was a lot of controversy in this final scene. A lot of people got really upset because they watched every single season of HIMYM just to find out who Ted’s wife is, who is the mother but this scene shows that the mother dies and after so many years; Ted realises how much he truly loves Robin.

Because of this, so many people didn’t like the ending of this show but as a matter of fact, I absolutely loved the ending of this show.

I actually blubbered like a baby!!

Why do I love it so much, what is my theory behind it?!

It may seem slightly cheesy but I genuinely believe that if you are meant to be with someone then somehow in the end, the universe will actually conspire for you and the other person to be together.

Yes, I know its really cliché but I honestly believe that happens, well lets see where my life takes me in the end.

Here you go, here is the complete finale scene:

I introduced the video mashup with the first few seconds of Ted saying “and that kids is how I met your mother” and I ended the mashup with the rest of scene where Ted is seen going to Robin’s house with memories of the “blue French horn”.

I chose to do it in this order because I wanted to start off with the cliché line of “kids, that’s how I met your mother” and I wanted to create a little bit of suspense for the audience. Instead giving the audience the entire scene and giving it all away at the beginning why not start off with that quote and transit to one of Ted’s and Robin’s emotional meetings.

It will make the audience wonder if Robin is the mother or if they are clever enough, they’ll be able to sense the connection the both of them share.

Check out the How I Met Your Mother alternative ending, this is a form of remixing so putting together, cutting certain scenes off and “remarking” so create brand new media from previous work obviously.

This right here, is a perfect example of digital literacies and remixing other peoples work or other media to create one final media product.

To understand Belshaw’s remix culture and digital literacies, check out this cool discussion about remixing and digital literacies below:

Why the remix is at the heart of digital literacies


The next scene I included in my video mashup is this “something old scene”, I love this scene because it tells you how to fight your loneliness and how to stop looking for pointless signs in the universe. Sometimes you don’t need a meaning for everything and sometimes you just need to accept the things the way they are and go with the flow.

Watch this scene and I hope you are as inspired as I am!!

The next few clips is simply a short video of all of the characters with the HIMYM theme song in the background. In Premier Pro, I muted out the sound from the video and added the theme song as a replacement for that.

This is the original video:

A perfect example of a remix AND a mashup!

Not only it is editing existing materials to create a new media product but it is also combining quotes, scenes, clips and music together to create a perfect mashup sequence.


This is the theme song I replaced the sound of the original video with:

himym theme song

There you, all of these soundtracks and clips put together makes up a perfect mashup video!!

Mashup assignment

I hope you guys have read my previous assignments such as the video mashup assignment or the moving motivational post assignment. If you haven’t then please read it and watch the YouTube tutorials on how to use Adobe Premier Pro.

Honestly Premier Pro is so easy to use and once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it will be with you for the rest of your life. Premier Pro is worth learning if you want to edit videos in you own free time, whether it is a wedding mix or a short movie, its honestly such a great software to use.

Linking into and Hafner’s affordances, you can start from scratch in Premier Pro, everything you create, all the transitions you make or the cutaways you produce; its all up to you. All you have to do is import the media you would like to use and once you’ve done that, the creative process is all up to you. Premier Pro acts as that creative tool which has the capacity the way we do things so the way media can be created on Premier Pro and it also has the ability to influence the kind of meanings we make.

Just get Adobe Premier Pro, trust me it is worth it!!!!

That’s it from me guys and I shall be back soon with even more blog posts, until then check out my tweet on the ds106 twitter page:


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Love x




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