Hey guys,

Here I am with my most favourite assignment ever, I was able to put my favourite scenes from my favourite movies and mash all of them up and create a massive movie mashup.

Guess what genre and type of movies I chose?!

Well, if you guys have read my all of my blog posts, you should know by now how much I appreciate Bollywood. So, obviously I created a movie mashup of my favourite Bollywood movies.

That is all what this assignment is about, to do movie mashups of your favourite movie. The whole idea was to take one movie and mashup favourite clips together but I realised that I don’t have ONE favourite Bollywood movie, I have loads. Especially since 2016 brought the audience the most wonderful, context setting movies ever, so why not take a few movies that I absolutely love and mash them up together.

Take a look at the assignment brief below. It’s a really fun activity, even if you’re doing it for fun, it just makes you think how many movies you are actually able to connect to.

ds106 video mashup assignment

So how did I go about this?!

Well, I have a few movies in mind and I instantly thought of converting them into an mp4 file from YouTube. I understand as this is Bollywood and it may be really difficult for you guys to understand but below I’ve provided videos of my chosen clips which will be simple for you guys to understand and I am going to give you detailed context of my chosen movies.

But first, take a look at the mashup I created:

As you guys can see, this YouTube video is not working, check out my video mashup on my Facebook page 🙂 🙂 🙂

Just scroll down and you should be able to see a video called “ds106 video assignment”. you can event post your comments on the video!!

ds106 🙂

One more thing, whilst watching these clips, I highly suggest you analyse the facial expressions of the main protagonist and I would love if we can have a small discussion about them.

Don’t hesitate to contact me on my Facebook page!!

  1. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil: The matters of the heart are so difficult.

The very first scene I’ve included in this video mashup is near the end of the movie, you will see a bold female protagonist who has cancer and a bold male protagonist who is absolutely fine but shaves his head off too because of how deep his love and friendship is for the female protagonist. This movie is all about friendship, lust and unrequited love.

This movie is really close to my heart because I am able to relate to it so much, going to get extremely cheesy but I once fell in love with my best friend too and it was unrequited. However, we’ve known each other for 5 years and me and him are much closer than ever and that is what they show in this movie, Ranbir Kapoor (male protagonist) falls in love with Anushka Sharma (female protagonist) but she only loves him as a friend.

As “Love has always destroyed her, love is about passion whereas in friendship there is peace.”

So here we go, the scene where both of them are seen to be dancing and playing in the background is the song “Lag Ja Gale” which is also one of my favourite all time songs.

And here is the song, Lag Ja Gale with English subtitles…

So read the subtitles, attach it to the video and watch the expressions of both man and woman.. goosebumps?!

The next scene is from the same movie, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and when you watch my video mashup, you’ll see that I’ve muted out the dialogue in this scene. This is because I purely wanted the audience to focus on identifying and feeling the pain on Ranbir Kapoor’s face.

Just to give you a little bit of context as I cannot find this scene with subtitles, Ranbir is seen telling bride Anushka that he loves her and how he cannot see her getting married but she can’t do anything about it as she only has love for him as a friend.

Check it out below:

And here is the English translation of the song playing in the background, “Channa Mereya”.

The second clip I’ve chosen is from the movie, Humari Adhuri Kahani (our incomplete love story), this film did not do very well in the Bollywood box office but I found this movie so heart breaking, I literally cried in every single scene.

Check out the trailer for the movie below and see if you’re able to relate to this incomplete love story in your lives some way or another.

A single mother finds solace with a wealthy but lonely hotel owner and they end up falling in love until her husband who had disappeared for five years comes back into her life. It is an incomplete love story because the person who the female protagonist falls in love in the end whilst saving her husband and in the clip that I’ve provided in the video mashup consists of a song and the male protagonist is seen saying to his friend, “true love does not have an ending, Apoorva, my heart is telling me, that nobody is able to separate us even if the whole universe puts its force into separating us. Watch, we will meet again, we will meet again”.

After that, the main male protagonist is seen getting out of the car and walking towards a field of flowers, little does he know that underneath the flower bed are dangerous mines and as soon as he takes his foot away from them, he is dead.

Take a look at the scene below:

And here is the English translation for the title song, Humari Adhuri Kahani:

Humari Adhuri Kahani english translation

Getting touching right?!

The next two scenes are from the movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (we only live once). This move all about life long friendship and how certain circumstances change who we are as a person but lifelong friendships will always be there. It’s one of my favourite movies because I can see myself going on a trip 10 years later with a few of the friends I have in my life. Just like the friendships in this movie are lifelong, likewise the small group of friends I have are lifelong for me.

Life is all about overcoming your fears and letting yourself go!

Here is the subtitled trailer of the movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara:

“Just let yourself all go, let it go man!”

This movie is quite famous for its poetry, I have included one of my favourite poems in this video mashup, it is called “Dil Akhir Kyun Rota hai.”

Firstly watch all of the poems below, then watch my favourite poem with the English translation.

Here is the translation for all of the poems:

“Dil Akhir tu kyun rota hai” (why is it that you cry?) is a very meaningful poem to me because it is a poem that talks about loneliness and “why does the heart cry so much?” “This is what happens in life, we all have our share of happiness and we all have our share of sadness so despite of knowing this, why do you put yourself in so much pain?”

I can relate to this poem so much to my life and my current moods, therefore this is why this poem is in this video mashup.

The next scene in this video mashup is a snippet from the song “Just go to hell o dil” from the movie “Dear Zindagi”.

Dear Zindagi is the first Bollywood movie that is about therapy and depression. It shows that you don’t have to go through something tragic or daunting or really serious in your life to be diagnosed with depression later on in your life; sometimes the smallest things can trigger depression off and that concept really touches my heart.

In the snippet, you’ll see a girl walking away from bad relationships but how she tells herself “its all good” when it really isn’t. I can so relate to the leading female actress in this movie, I honestly think its a movie about me in a nutshell.

Take a look at the song, “Just go to hell o dil” below and you’ll be able to see what bits I’ve included in my video mashup:


Song translation

When you just want to disappear, feel like nobody understands you, you want the opposite sex to make you safe, you just want burst and let everything out and you feel like there is no excitement in your life, same rubbish but a different day!!

Ever feel like that?!

The next movie I chose is called “Yeh Jawaani hai dewaani”. Again, this movie is about travelling, friendship, passion and love. I have chosen this movie I can see myself travelling, having a media job abroad and enjoying my life.

The scene I’ve included in the mashup is again very touching, it is a scene about a father and a son. The father is telling the son, “do whatever you want to do, live life on your terms, go wherever you want to go but just remember whatever you do, I am always with you”.

It reminds me of my dad, my dad passed away due to cancer three and a half years ago and as a father he was extremely supportive and I knew I was able to rely on him whenever, he was my lifeboat.

The next movie on the list after “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”, “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, “Humari adhuri kahani”, “Dear Zindagi” and “Yeh jawaani hai dewaani” is called “Rockstar”.

Here is the IMDb synopsis for the movie Rockstar just to give you a little bit of context:

Rockstar IMDb

I would highly recommend watching this movie because yes, dialogue is very important in a movie but so are expressions as well. This movie represents emotions in an excellent way, there are so many things that are said without any words being spoken.

Check out this gif I created using the “gif it” plugin on YouTube on Google Chrome, it  flawlessly represents the painful emotions on the man’s face.


This is taken from the scene included in the Video mashup, here it is if you don’t remember:

At first he seems in agony but when he sees the spirit of the one he loves, he finds solace. That expression  of peace AND sadness on his face is definitely worth a replay.

The final movie in this list is called “Tamasha” (madness), another movie very close to my heart. Tamasha is based on a journey who has lost himself and is constantly trying to follow socially acceptable conventions of society. It expresses the theme of finding yourself whilst being lonely in a crowd.

Since I still need to find myself in this crazy world and society, you can see why this movie really touches my heart.

Check out the trailer of this movie, the first few seconds of this trailer is the clip I have included in my video mashup. Basically the son is seen telling his father a story about somebody called “hero”, hero is basically a robot and is taught that life is a race, you must never stop because if you stop you will die. One day the hero meets a girl and she completely changes him as a person, because of her “hero” is able to find his true self.

There you go, this long list of movies has finally come to an end but I hope I’ve made it so clear as to how important and special these movies are to me. Like I mentioned before, I can go on and on with Bollywood movies but there is only so much space YouTube can hold.

Now, it all comes down to how did I manage to create this mashup, what did I use and why have I included text in every scene?!

Well, the text I have included is the name of the movie and a short description about what exactly is happening in the scene, only to make it seem understandable to the audience.

I used Adobe Premier Pro to create this mashup, simply because I am so familiar with the software and its so easy to create a clip on it. All you need to do is ponder on some YouTube tutorials and check out some of my basic screenprints and you’ll be able to figure Premier Pro out. For starters, Adobe Premier Pro is a software included in the Adobe creative cloud bundle that I pay monthly for only because I use creative cloud so much for my course. For something temporary, all you need is a trial and you can get a 7 day trial from the Adobe website .

Below are a couple of YouTube tutorials for those who are not familiar with Premier Pro, check them out, they really help!!

Pro for beg

Pro transition effects: motion blur

5 video effects

Please check out these links guys and you will be an absolute pro!!

I am not providing any screenprints or any of my own tutorials because I honestly think Premier Pro is about being creative and figuring things out by yourself. All you need to know about Premier are the main panels, the editing panel, the effects panel, the screen panel and the timeline. All of this is provided in the beginners tutorial which is the first link. The more creative you are with Premier Pro and creating you’re mashup, the more you’re able to be “a part of the non digital world and create new media for yourself and others” (Gauntlett). Creating media and being creative about it will give you this satisfaction of  making; the sense of being alive in the process and being able to have some sort of involvement of ideas.

So go ahead, be as creative as you want about this…

If you want to make a movie mashup of just one movie or take the creativity route like I have then by all means do it. whatever you create, you’re digitally crafting something anyway because your exported mp4 file can be shared online. You start from absolutely nothing then you create something brand new, this is not only able to be shared online but it allows infinite possibilities for personal expression as media theorist David Gauntlett suggests.

“Make whatever you want to make man, just be slightly creative about it and not too boring”.

That’s it from me guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this really long blog post. I will be back soon with some more interesting theories and creative things for you.

Check out my tweet on the ds106 Twitter page 😀

ds106 🙂 🙂 🙂

Until then, take care, stay alive and follow me on

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Love x








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