Hey guys,

I am back again and this time, I am actually not going to write about anything extremely emotional or philosophical, I am just going to act like a princess and share my dream bedroom ideas with you through my Pinterest board and through some collages I created on a web generator called Fotor.com.

For starters, check out where I have gotten this assignment from, obviously the ds106 assignment bank. I must say, I’ve actually really enjoyed choosing and completing different assignments from the ds106 assignment bank, it has really boosted my creativity and it has made super imaginative. I mean I have an idea of what I want my dream to look like, I love little fairy lights, as a matter of fact I have a picture collage stuck on my bedroom wall of my close friends and family with fairy lights around them. The image below is evidence that I actually do dream about what my dream room would look like although if I had the choice  I would go that extra mile to feel like a princess every single second.

Take a look:


Check out the assignment details below



Pinterest is actually a really interesting website to make an account and use, you are able to search absolutely anything. Making a Pinterest account is made like any other social media account such as Facebook or Instagram. Although since Instagram is a photo sharing social media tool, I would say Pinterest is slightly similar to Instagram but since Pinterest is a web tool, it does not have the option of sharing photographs onto social media physically, you have to save your images onto your computer first then go through the whole process of posting an image on social networking sites. Linking into affordances and constraints when comparing a social media tool and a web tool, the major constraint of a web tool is that you are not able to physically share the content onto social media; perhaps Pinterest has its own copyright terms and conditions of directly sharing something onto social media. Whereas, the biggest affordance of a social tool is not only you are able to share your own media but you’re also able to share anybody else’s media and this introduces this equation:

Social media literacies = social media knowledge (so the knowledge of the social media must be there and knowledge of digital tools ) + Content knowledge (knowledge about what kind of content the social media tool you are using provides) + critical thinking (thinking about what you post and how it may have an impact and learning how things work) + creativity (all about connection and combination) + production + social (so social engagement, using a digital tool to represent something in the social world).

The whole of this equation is super beneficial when discussing the affordances and constraints about a social media tool. Although the constraints of a social media tool may be that certain features within a social media tool may make things much harder to do. This should help you decide and compare what is better, a web tool or a social media tool.

Once you’ve made a decision then you can actually go ahead and create a Pinterest account, you don’t even need to include brand new details, you can import your Facebook log in details and other information directly when making a Pinterest account.

A thought to ponder on though..

Pinterest may entirely be a web tool but it does incorporate certain digital, social tools too such as attaining information from your Facebook account; so maybe the originality of Pinterest can be questioned too?!

Once you’ve created your Pinterest account, you can start using the site effectively by creating a mood board or searching up certain images to save on your computer. The very first thing I did when I created my account was I searched “quotes to put on my wall” and “cool bedroom” ideas. After that, I instantly created a mood board by pinning all of the images I like.

Take a look below:

My fav room ideas

For those of you who don’t know how to use Pinterest, I’m obviously going to provide you with a tutorial. I hope you guys watch all of my provided tutorials.

There you go, once you’ve created your mood board, just save your favourite images onto your computer and do whatever you like with them.

Here are my favourite images that I saved on my computer

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looks like every girls dream?!

I chose these specific images because I am into these retro, hipster but “girly” girl bedroom so in my dream bedroom I would like have a small little bit in every single one of these pictures.

I went that extra mile and visually documented my favourite images from Pinterest in a form of a collage, I used another structured web tool called Fotor.com

Fotor.com is extremely easy to use, its a structured website so everything is basically provided to you, everything from the layout to the text. All you have to do is import the photographs that you are saved on your computer and bam, everything else is so easy to create.

Bare in mind the affordances and constraints I mentioned earlier on in the post when using a web tool.

Other than that everything is fine!!

I created two collages, take a look below:


Let me begin with the first collage, the first collage is supposed to show a real life image on the left so my wall with a dream image on right. I arranged these photographs and used this layout because I literally wanted to show the real life/dream comparison.

The second collage looks slightly more fancy and its my favourite collage out of the two mainly because I absolutely love this structured heart layout. All of these images represent what kind of things I am into clearly, for example the image taking up the background  is of lights. As I mentioned before, I love pretty lights on the wall with photographs surrounded beside them. The Netflix and “love” words image take a little step back and they show that I like hanging out and if you’ve read my previous posts, then you would have guessed how philosophical I am.

So in order to create a final media product, I used two web tools, Pinterest and Fotor.com. Now I am able to benefit from the social media tool and post my collages on their to show my friends and family.

I am going to start off by posting these collages on the ds106 Twitter page:

ds106 🙂 🙂 🙂

That’s it from me guys!!

Thank you for taking your time to read, I shall be back with more interesting blog posts soon.

In the mean time, keep breathing, stay alive and follow me on:

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Love x



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