Being a princess for like 10 minutes…

Hey guys,

I am back again and this time, I am actually not going to write about anything extremely emotional or philosophical, I am just going to act like a princess and share my dream bedroom ideas with you through my Pinterest board and through some collages I created on a web generator called

For starters, check out where I have gotten this assignment from, obviously the ds106 assignment bank. I must say, I’ve actually really enjoyed choosing and completing different assignments from the ds106 assignment bank, it has really boosted my creativity and it has made super imaginative. I mean I have an idea of what I want my dream to look like, I love little fairy lights, as a matter of fact I have a picture collage stuck on my bedroom wall of my close friends and family with fairy lights around them. The image below is evidence that I actually do dream about what my dream room would look like although if I had the choice  I would go that extra mile to feel like a princess every single second.

Take a look:


Check out the assignment details below



Pinterest is actually a really interesting website to make an account and use, you are able to search absolutely anything. Making a Pinterest account is made like any other social media account such as Facebook or Instagram. Although since Instagram is a photo sharing social media tool, I would say Pinterest is slightly similar to Instagram but since Pinterest is a web tool, it does not have the option of sharing photographs onto social media physically, you have to save your images onto your computer first then go through the whole process of posting an image on social networking sites. Linking into affordances and constraints when comparing a social media tool and a web tool, the major constraint of a web tool is that you are not able to physically share the content onto social media; perhaps Pinterest has its own copyright terms and conditions of directly sharing something onto social media. Whereas, the biggest affordance of a social tool is not only you are able to share your own media but you’re also able to share anybody else’s media and this introduces this equation:

Social media literacies = social media knowledge (so the knowledge of the social media must be there and knowledge of digital tools ) + Content knowledge (knowledge about what kind of content the social media tool you are using provides) + critical thinking (thinking about what you post and how it may have an impact and learning how things work) + creativity (all about connection and combination) + production + social (so social engagement, using a digital tool to represent something in the social world).

The whole of this equation is super beneficial when discussing the affordances and constraints about a social media tool. Although the constraints of a social media tool may be that certain features within a social media tool may make things much harder to do. This should help you decide and compare what is better, a web tool or a social media tool.

Once you’ve made a decision then you can actually go ahead and create a Pinterest account, you don’t even need to include brand new details, you can import your Facebook log in details and other information directly when making a Pinterest account.

A thought to ponder on though..

Pinterest may entirely be a web tool but it does incorporate certain digital, social tools too such as attaining information from your Facebook account; so maybe the originality of Pinterest can be questioned too?!

Once you’ve created your Pinterest account, you can start using the site effectively by creating a mood board or searching up certain images to save on your computer. The very first thing I did when I created my account was I searched “quotes to put on my wall” and “cool bedroom” ideas. After that, I instantly created a mood board by pinning all of the images I like.

Take a look below:

My fav room ideas

For those of you who don’t know how to use Pinterest, I’m obviously going to provide you with a tutorial. I hope you guys watch all of my provided tutorials.

There you go, once you’ve created your mood board, just save your favourite images onto your computer and do whatever you like with them.

Here are my favourite images that I saved on my computer

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looks like every girls dream?!

I chose these specific images because I am into these retro, hipster but “girly” girl bedroom so in my dream bedroom I would like have a small little bit in every single one of these pictures.

I went that extra mile and visually documented my favourite images from Pinterest in a form of a collage, I used another structured web tool called is extremely easy to use, its a structured website so everything is basically provided to you, everything from the layout to the text. All you have to do is import the photographs that you are saved on your computer and bam, everything else is so easy to create.

Bare in mind the affordances and constraints I mentioned earlier on in the post when using a web tool.

Other than that everything is fine!!

I created two collages, take a look below:


Let me begin with the first collage, the first collage is supposed to show a real life image on the left so my wall with a dream image on right. I arranged these photographs and used this layout because I literally wanted to show the real life/dream comparison.

The second collage looks slightly more fancy and its my favourite collage out of the two mainly because I absolutely love this structured heart layout. All of these images represent what kind of things I am into clearly, for example the image taking up the background  is of lights. As I mentioned before, I love pretty lights on the wall with photographs surrounded beside them. The Netflix and “love” words image take a little step back and they show that I like hanging out and if you’ve read my previous posts, then you would have guessed how philosophical I am.

So in order to create a final media product, I used two web tools, Pinterest and Now I am able to benefit from the social media tool and post my collages on their to show my friends and family.

I am going to start off by posting these collages on the ds106 Twitter page:

ds106 🙂 🙂 🙂

That’s it from me guys!!

Thank you for taking your time to read, I shall be back with more interesting blog posts soon.

In the mean time, keep breathing, stay alive and follow me on:

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Love x



“Kids, you can’t cling onto the past because no matter how tightly you hold on, its already gone” – Ted Mosby

Hey guys…

I am back again with another blogpost, another mashup and another way of showing you guys what kind of things I am interested in. Before I go in depth about how I created is video mashup, let me just reiterate how much I am obsessed with the television programme,

How I met your mother  and especially


But firstly, just to add a little bit of context, this is a mashup/remix assignment and as a producer, you can mashup or remix absolutely anything. I chose to mashup HIMYM and Ted Mosby because that is my favourite programme and character but my all means, go ahead and be absolutely creative about your final media product. It is something that is special to you, something you’re able to connect to and maybe the rest of the world can because remember “making is connecting”.

Take a look at the assignment brief below:

ds106 remix/mashup

For those of you who contemplate on the definition what exactly is a remix or a mashup…

Really, that is for you to decide! Personally when it comes to remixing and mashups, I don’t really follow the set definition because both of them “involve the creative act of making something new from previous work”. Whether it is cutting or editing a piece of media to create something that fits your interpretation or whether it is mixing of different media clips to create one final thing, either way, the primary source will always be the same.

Remixing or mashing it up, the final media product is bits of the original media put together.

So go ahead and remix or mashup whatever you want, make it creative and personal to you!

A lot of people well majority of the world may talk about and love Friends and you will find a lot of people who will debate on How I Met Your Mother being an exact copy of the famous television programme, Friends but to me HIMYM holds a lot of sentimental value.

This is purely because of Ted Mosby’s character and personality, there is something about him. For example, when starts off every episode with a life lesson and with the phrase “kids”, his voice and the way he speaks is absolutely mesmerising.

If you guys are strange and don’t even know what Friends is then check out the Friends them song below. It’s pretty catchy, don’t get me wrong I love watching Friends, I think it is absolutely hilarious but in terms of connection; HIMYM does it for me.

Now watch the opening theme song of How I Met Your Mother and no it has not stolen that “Friends” essence. In fact, I love how they take that “dark room” photography approach, its amazing.

So why Ted Mosby and why not Robin or Marshall or Barney Stinston?!

Why Ted Mosby?!

I hope you’re able to figure from the series of gifs and photographs above that Ted is actually an emotional wreck and he is a real “sucker” when it comes to love. Throughout the entire programme from series 1, all the way to the end, Ted is portrayed as an emotionally unstable person. He so wants to find someone who he is able to fall in love with, someone who he is able to have kids with, how exactly he met his kids’ mother; Ted documents his life and love life so clearly especially in every single season but if you look at him carefully, he is an emotional wreck!

AND to a certain extent, I am an emotional disaster myself!!

“I just have a lot of feelings!”

This is why I chose Ted Mosby as my favourite character to create a video mashup of, the way he speaks, the quotes, his expressions and his love life, everything is a sheer representation of me,

Shefali Hunjan!

So how did I choose my favourite scenes from HIMYM and how exactly did I go about it, creating a final media mashup of the programme?!

I joined a few scenes together, added a soundtrack and I create a video mashup of my favourite Ted Mosby scenes and How I met Your Mother as a whole just to add a little bit of context to those people who don’t know what they are watching. After all mashups are not all about putting your favourite scenes together but its also about creating context, telling the audience a little bit about the media product in a few scenes.

There you go, Viola!!

So here are some of my all time favourite scenes put together, although with How I Met Your Mother, I can go on and on but at the same time, I didn’t want to give the whole programme away, that is why I’ve included small snippets of every character.

  1. I chose to start off with the very last scene of HIMYM because there was a lot of controversy in this final scene. A lot of people got really upset because they watched every single season of HIMYM just to find out who Ted’s wife is, who is the mother but this scene shows that the mother dies and after so many years; Ted realises how much he truly loves Robin.

Because of this, so many people didn’t like the ending of this show but as a matter of fact, I absolutely loved the ending of this show.

I actually blubbered like a baby!!

Why do I love it so much, what is my theory behind it?!

It may seem slightly cheesy but I genuinely believe that if you are meant to be with someone then somehow in the end, the universe will actually conspire for you and the other person to be together.

Yes, I know its really cliché but I honestly believe that happens, well lets see where my life takes me in the end.

Here you go, here is the complete finale scene:

I introduced the video mashup with the first few seconds of Ted saying “and that kids is how I met your mother” and I ended the mashup with the rest of scene where Ted is seen going to Robin’s house with memories of the “blue French horn”.

I chose to do it in this order because I wanted to start off with the cliché line of “kids, that’s how I met your mother” and I wanted to create a little bit of suspense for the audience. Instead giving the audience the entire scene and giving it all away at the beginning why not start off with that quote and transit to one of Ted’s and Robin’s emotional meetings.

It will make the audience wonder if Robin is the mother or if they are clever enough, they’ll be able to sense the connection the both of them share.

Check out the How I Met Your Mother alternative ending, this is a form of remixing so putting together, cutting certain scenes off and “remarking” so create brand new media from previous work obviously.

This right here, is a perfect example of digital literacies and remixing other peoples work or other media to create one final media product.

To understand Belshaw’s remix culture and digital literacies, check out this cool discussion about remixing and digital literacies below:

Why the remix is at the heart of digital literacies


The next scene I included in my video mashup is this “something old scene”, I love this scene because it tells you how to fight your loneliness and how to stop looking for pointless signs in the universe. Sometimes you don’t need a meaning for everything and sometimes you just need to accept the things the way they are and go with the flow.

Watch this scene and I hope you are as inspired as I am!!

The next few clips is simply a short video of all of the characters with the HIMYM theme song in the background. In Premier Pro, I muted out the sound from the video and added the theme song as a replacement for that.

This is the original video:

A perfect example of a remix AND a mashup!

Not only it is editing existing materials to create a new media product but it is also combining quotes, scenes, clips and music together to create a perfect mashup sequence.


This is the theme song I replaced the sound of the original video with:

himym theme song

There you, all of these soundtracks and clips put together makes up a perfect mashup video!!

Mashup assignment

I hope you guys have read my previous assignments such as the video mashup assignment or the moving motivational post assignment. If you haven’t then please read it and watch the YouTube tutorials on how to use Adobe Premier Pro.

Honestly Premier Pro is so easy to use and once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it will be with you for the rest of your life. Premier Pro is worth learning if you want to edit videos in you own free time, whether it is a wedding mix or a short movie, its honestly such a great software to use.

Linking into and Hafner’s affordances, you can start from scratch in Premier Pro, everything you create, all the transitions you make or the cutaways you produce; its all up to you. All you have to do is import the media you would like to use and once you’ve done that, the creative process is all up to you. Premier Pro acts as that creative tool which has the capacity the way we do things so the way media can be created on Premier Pro and it also has the ability to influence the kind of meanings we make.

Just get Adobe Premier Pro, trust me it is worth it!!!!

That’s it from me guys and I shall be back soon with even more blog posts, until then check out my tweet on the ds106 twitter page:


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Love x



Back to the Bollywood basics: mash, mash, mash it all up!

Hey guys,

Here I am with my most favourite assignment ever, I was able to put my favourite scenes from my favourite movies and mash all of them up and create a massive movie mashup.

Guess what genre and type of movies I chose?!

Well, if you guys have read my all of my blog posts, you should know by now how much I appreciate Bollywood. So, obviously I created a movie mashup of my favourite Bollywood movies.

That is all what this assignment is about, to do movie mashups of your favourite movie. The whole idea was to take one movie and mashup favourite clips together but I realised that I don’t have ONE favourite Bollywood movie, I have loads. Especially since 2016 brought the audience the most wonderful, context setting movies ever, so why not take a few movies that I absolutely love and mash them up together.

Take a look at the assignment brief below. It’s a really fun activity, even if you’re doing it for fun, it just makes you think how many movies you are actually able to connect to.

ds106 video mashup assignment

So how did I go about this?!

Well, I have a few movies in mind and I instantly thought of converting them into an mp4 file from YouTube. I understand as this is Bollywood and it may be really difficult for you guys to understand but below I’ve provided videos of my chosen clips which will be simple for you guys to understand and I am going to give you detailed context of my chosen movies.

But first, take a look at the mashup I created:

As you guys can see, this YouTube video is not working, check out my video mashup on my Facebook page 🙂 🙂 🙂

Just scroll down and you should be able to see a video called “ds106 video assignment”. you can event post your comments on the video!!

ds106 🙂

One more thing, whilst watching these clips, I highly suggest you analyse the facial expressions of the main protagonist and I would love if we can have a small discussion about them.

Don’t hesitate to contact me on my Facebook page!!

  1. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil: The matters of the heart are so difficult.

The very first scene I’ve included in this video mashup is near the end of the movie, you will see a bold female protagonist who has cancer and a bold male protagonist who is absolutely fine but shaves his head off too because of how deep his love and friendship is for the female protagonist. This movie is all about friendship, lust and unrequited love.

This movie is really close to my heart because I am able to relate to it so much, going to get extremely cheesy but I once fell in love with my best friend too and it was unrequited. However, we’ve known each other for 5 years and me and him are much closer than ever and that is what they show in this movie, Ranbir Kapoor (male protagonist) falls in love with Anushka Sharma (female protagonist) but she only loves him as a friend.

As “Love has always destroyed her, love is about passion whereas in friendship there is peace.”

So here we go, the scene where both of them are seen to be dancing and playing in the background is the song “Lag Ja Gale” which is also one of my favourite all time songs.

And here is the song, Lag Ja Gale with English subtitles…

So read the subtitles, attach it to the video and watch the expressions of both man and woman.. goosebumps?!

The next scene is from the same movie, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and when you watch my video mashup, you’ll see that I’ve muted out the dialogue in this scene. This is because I purely wanted the audience to focus on identifying and feeling the pain on Ranbir Kapoor’s face.

Just to give you a little bit of context as I cannot find this scene with subtitles, Ranbir is seen telling bride Anushka that he loves her and how he cannot see her getting married but she can’t do anything about it as she only has love for him as a friend.

Check it out below:

And here is the English translation of the song playing in the background, “Channa Mereya”.

The second clip I’ve chosen is from the movie, Humari Adhuri Kahani (our incomplete love story), this film did not do very well in the Bollywood box office but I found this movie so heart breaking, I literally cried in every single scene.

Check out the trailer for the movie below and see if you’re able to relate to this incomplete love story in your lives some way or another.

A single mother finds solace with a wealthy but lonely hotel owner and they end up falling in love until her husband who had disappeared for five years comes back into her life. It is an incomplete love story because the person who the female protagonist falls in love in the end whilst saving her husband and in the clip that I’ve provided in the video mashup consists of a song and the male protagonist is seen saying to his friend, “true love does not have an ending, Apoorva, my heart is telling me, that nobody is able to separate us even if the whole universe puts its force into separating us. Watch, we will meet again, we will meet again”.

After that, the main male protagonist is seen getting out of the car and walking towards a field of flowers, little does he know that underneath the flower bed are dangerous mines and as soon as he takes his foot away from them, he is dead.

Take a look at the scene below:

And here is the English translation for the title song, Humari Adhuri Kahani:

Humari Adhuri Kahani english translation

Getting touching right?!

The next two scenes are from the movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (we only live once). This move all about life long friendship and how certain circumstances change who we are as a person but lifelong friendships will always be there. It’s one of my favourite movies because I can see myself going on a trip 10 years later with a few of the friends I have in my life. Just like the friendships in this movie are lifelong, likewise the small group of friends I have are lifelong for me.

Life is all about overcoming your fears and letting yourself go!

Here is the subtitled trailer of the movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara:

“Just let yourself all go, let it go man!”

This movie is quite famous for its poetry, I have included one of my favourite poems in this video mashup, it is called “Dil Akhir Kyun Rota hai.”

Firstly watch all of the poems below, then watch my favourite poem with the English translation.

Here is the translation for all of the poems:

“Dil Akhir tu kyun rota hai” (why is it that you cry?) is a very meaningful poem to me because it is a poem that talks about loneliness and “why does the heart cry so much?” “This is what happens in life, we all have our share of happiness and we all have our share of sadness so despite of knowing this, why do you put yourself in so much pain?”

I can relate to this poem so much to my life and my current moods, therefore this is why this poem is in this video mashup.

The next scene in this video mashup is a snippet from the song “Just go to hell o dil” from the movie “Dear Zindagi”.

Dear Zindagi is the first Bollywood movie that is about therapy and depression. It shows that you don’t have to go through something tragic or daunting or really serious in your life to be diagnosed with depression later on in your life; sometimes the smallest things can trigger depression off and that concept really touches my heart.

In the snippet, you’ll see a girl walking away from bad relationships but how she tells herself “its all good” when it really isn’t. I can so relate to the leading female actress in this movie, I honestly think its a movie about me in a nutshell.

Take a look at the song, “Just go to hell o dil” below and you’ll be able to see what bits I’ve included in my video mashup:


Song translation

When you just want to disappear, feel like nobody understands you, you want the opposite sex to make you safe, you just want burst and let everything out and you feel like there is no excitement in your life, same rubbish but a different day!!

Ever feel like that?!

The next movie I chose is called “Yeh Jawaani hai dewaani”. Again, this movie is about travelling, friendship, passion and love. I have chosen this movie I can see myself travelling, having a media job abroad and enjoying my life.

The scene I’ve included in the mashup is again very touching, it is a scene about a father and a son. The father is telling the son, “do whatever you want to do, live life on your terms, go wherever you want to go but just remember whatever you do, I am always with you”.

It reminds me of my dad, my dad passed away due to cancer three and a half years ago and as a father he was extremely supportive and I knew I was able to rely on him whenever, he was my lifeboat.

The next movie on the list after “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”, “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, “Humari adhuri kahani”, “Dear Zindagi” and “Yeh jawaani hai dewaani” is called “Rockstar”.

Here is the IMDb synopsis for the movie Rockstar just to give you a little bit of context:

Rockstar IMDb

I would highly recommend watching this movie because yes, dialogue is very important in a movie but so are expressions as well. This movie represents emotions in an excellent way, there are so many things that are said without any words being spoken.

Check out this gif I created using the “gif it” plugin on YouTube on Google Chrome, it  flawlessly represents the painful emotions on the man’s face.


This is taken from the scene included in the Video mashup, here it is if you don’t remember:

At first he seems in agony but when he sees the spirit of the one he loves, he finds solace. That expression  of peace AND sadness on his face is definitely worth a replay.

The final movie in this list is called “Tamasha” (madness), another movie very close to my heart. Tamasha is based on a journey who has lost himself and is constantly trying to follow socially acceptable conventions of society. It expresses the theme of finding yourself whilst being lonely in a crowd.

Since I still need to find myself in this crazy world and society, you can see why this movie really touches my heart.

Check out the trailer of this movie, the first few seconds of this trailer is the clip I have included in my video mashup. Basically the son is seen telling his father a story about somebody called “hero”, hero is basically a robot and is taught that life is a race, you must never stop because if you stop you will die. One day the hero meets a girl and she completely changes him as a person, because of her “hero” is able to find his true self.

There you go, this long list of movies has finally come to an end but I hope I’ve made it so clear as to how important and special these movies are to me. Like I mentioned before, I can go on and on with Bollywood movies but there is only so much space YouTube can hold.

Now, it all comes down to how did I manage to create this mashup, what did I use and why have I included text in every scene?!

Well, the text I have included is the name of the movie and a short description about what exactly is happening in the scene, only to make it seem understandable to the audience.

I used Adobe Premier Pro to create this mashup, simply because I am so familiar with the software and its so easy to create a clip on it. All you need to do is ponder on some YouTube tutorials and check out some of my basic screenprints and you’ll be able to figure Premier Pro out. For starters, Adobe Premier Pro is a software included in the Adobe creative cloud bundle that I pay monthly for only because I use creative cloud so much for my course. For something temporary, all you need is a trial and you can get a 7 day trial from the Adobe website .

Below are a couple of YouTube tutorials for those who are not familiar with Premier Pro, check them out, they really help!!

Pro for beg

Pro transition effects: motion blur

5 video effects

Please check out these links guys and you will be an absolute pro!!

I am not providing any screenprints or any of my own tutorials because I honestly think Premier Pro is about being creative and figuring things out by yourself. All you need to know about Premier are the main panels, the editing panel, the effects panel, the screen panel and the timeline. All of this is provided in the beginners tutorial which is the first link. The more creative you are with Premier Pro and creating you’re mashup, the more you’re able to be “a part of the non digital world and create new media for yourself and others” (Gauntlett). Creating media and being creative about it will give you this satisfaction of  making; the sense of being alive in the process and being able to have some sort of involvement of ideas.

So go ahead, be as creative as you want about this…

If you want to make a movie mashup of just one movie or take the creativity route like I have then by all means do it. whatever you create, you’re digitally crafting something anyway because your exported mp4 file can be shared online. You start from absolutely nothing then you create something brand new, this is not only able to be shared online but it allows infinite possibilities for personal expression as media theorist David Gauntlett suggests.

“Make whatever you want to make man, just be slightly creative about it and not too boring”.

That’s it from me guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this really long blog post. I will be back soon with some more interesting theories and creative things for you.

Check out my tweet on the ds106 Twitter page 😀

ds106 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Mixing it all up…

Hey Guys,

I am back again and in this blog post, I am going to tell you how much fun I’ve had finally getting the chance to create my own mixtape. Music is probably the only thing that keeps me sane so for me to be able to create a mixtape on not only on the Hollywood genre but the Bollywood genre too was extremely therapeutic and exciting to create.

Basically, all we had to do for this audio assignment was to simply try creating a mixtape, it didn’t have to be of a professional “DJ” level, it was a way of telling everyone so the audience why you created this mixtape and what’s your story behind the selection of these songs.

Take a look at the ds106 assignment brief below:

ds106 audio assignment

So, as I mentioned above that I couldn’t just stick to creating one mixtape. If I had the time, I would have created millions of playlists on Soundcloud of different genres but because I had limited time, I created two playlists.

One called the Party Mix which consists of the songs:

“Where are you now”- Justin Bieber ft Skrillex and Diplo

“I don’t wanna live forever”- ZAYN and Taylor Swift


“Sexual”- Neiked ft Dyo

“Party”- Chris Brown

“Wiggle”- Jason Derulo ft Snoop Dog

“Me n You”- Cassie

“Promiscuous”- Nelly Furtado ft Timbaland

“Sexy Love” – Ne-Yo

😉 😉 😉 Sexy Love…

(Could not embed YouTube video but check out the link, it’s still a cool song.)


All of you must be thinking, why these songs?!

I mean I could’ve chosen any song but the reason why I chose these specific songs is because they are the ones that are most frequently played at “pree drinks” so in other words, at the drink up before we all go to the club. On Spotify, I have a playlist called “Well I managed to make it to 21”, I made this playlist for my 21st house gathering last year in September and it basically consists of all of my favourite songs. As months went by, new music was being released and whenever I like a song, I just add it to the “Well I managed to make it to 21” playlist.

Now you must be thinking, why is this one playlist so special to me and why have I given it this title?!

Well, allow me to explain, because I am about to get philosophical again…

This playlist is really special to me because after all the hardships, crazy and wacky roads in my life, I actually made it safe and sound and mainly alive to 21 years old. I’ll always cherish and remember the purpose of this playlist. Also, as music is always going to be around, touch wood, I will share a new song onto my playlist every single week.

Take a look at my Spotify “Well I managed to make it to 21” playlist below and see if you’re able to spot out the songs which are in the mix I have produced…

There are a few screenprints just to show you what my playlist looks like and underneath those screenprints is the link to my Spotify playlist so you’re able to explore my playlist and my Spotify more in-depth. If you like or have any questions about my Spotify playlist then please don’t hesitate to message me on my FACEBOOK page.

This will allow you as audiences to have as media theorist Marshall suggests, a greater and interpersonal connection with the source so in this case, Spotify. Perhaps you will see a song on one of my playlists you’ve never heard before and you may be able to connect to it and this connection to a particular song may make you want to share it onto social media and THIS introduces a two way flow of information between the user and the machine; well in this case, between the user and the app, Spotify. This action, itself creates control and empowerment of the media user, so if you like a song, you have that control or power to physically share that one song onto your social networking sites to show the rest of the world.

Marshall also notices the shift, so the shift from being an active user (the way that we appropriate media forms into our everyday lives making them meaningful in some way) to being a participant who produces culture. So not only we’ve always been relating media to our personal lives but we also absorb that information and we take a step further to actually participating in the media and create new meaningful media.


This Party Mix is a clear representation on how I’ve taken the most frequently played songs in my playlist and made a mixtape out of them. It just shows how I’ve turned into a participant who has produced a whole new range of media which can be shared, meaningful and remade again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Well I managed to make it to 21!

This is what you call an effective interactive user…

There you go, now you’ve got an insight on why I chose these songs and where I chose them from. Now it is all about how did I exactly create this mixtape?!

Simple, I downloaded Audacity!

“Audacity is a free, open source, cross platform audio software for multitrack recording and editing.”

Check out this link below and if you want to create a mix or to simply just have some fun playing around with Audacity then click download.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Download Audacity

Although before you make a start on Audacity, its worth checking out a few YouTube tutorials on how to use this software because like Adobe After Effects, Audacity can be slightly tricky too.

Check out these videos below:

And this:

Now, its time for me to show you what I did when I downloaded Audacity, I am going to go through a few steps which I found really difficult and annoying to do on Audacity.

I hope alongside the YouTube tutorials, a few of these steps might make your life even more easier.


I understand you may be a little confused right now because all of the tracks seem invisible but believe me all of my tracks still exist on this software. All I’ve done is I’ve clicked on the tab called “tracks” and “mixed and rendered” all of my tracks into one final “mixed up” track. Having a final mixed up track enables the user to be able to safely and easily export the file as an mp3 file onto their documents. It also makes it even more simple to share onto your Soundcloud profile.

The “selection tool”, “time shift tool” or “muting and selecting a track” alongside with other effects will only be easier for you to understand once you watch the YouTube videos provided above.


The first screenprint shows the effect tab, the effect enables the user to made their final track special and different to them and the second screenprint shows the “selection tool”, “time shift tool” and other tools.

I hope the provided YouTube tutorials and the screenprints help you when you are constructing your mixtape.

Once again check out my mixtape, My Party Mix…

See, absolutely simple to use!

Now, my absolute favourite part.. Since I had so much fun with using Audacity, I thought of going that extra mile of creating a Bollywood playlist as well.

Check out my Bollywood playlist everyone,

Bollywood Mix

Here are the songs AND quotes I chose in order to create this Bollywood mix:

Channa Mereya

English translation: Channa English

Kun Faya Kun

English translation: Kun Faya translation

Aa bhi ja

English translation: Aa Bhi Ja translation


English translation: Dua translation


English translation: Banjaara trans

Aas Paas Hai Khuda  (English translation included)

And here are the movie quotes I decided to add into this mix to make it even more meaningful to me:

If you read these translations or watch certain expressions on these characters faces and not even understand what they’re saying then you’ll find that everything put together in this mix seems very soulful and peaceful when you are listening to it.

My intention was to create a peaceful playlist, I have such a long list of all time favourite Bollywood songs and quotes that it would take an endless amount of time mix and render into audacity. Therefore these are songs that I carefully selected based on how meaningful the lyrics are and create a mix on audacity.

Again, follow the YouTube tutorials and screenprints provided above and you will be absolutely perfect in creating loads of mixes.

That’s it from me!!!

I shall be back with a whole new blog post and even more inspirational ideas.

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Its only me…


Heey Guys,

I am back again with another exciting but this time a really deep blog post. This design assignment is all about creating some sort of graphic or in other words, create a poster. The assignment tells us to create a contradictory poster like one of those old anti motivational posters, for example, take a look at this anti motivational poster below. Instead of taking a “nice” and “calm” approach to telling someone to get over their ex, its taken a much firmer yet sarcastic approach.


Although, I didn’t want to make one of these anti motivational, firm posters; I interpreted this design assignment in the completely opposite way. I wanted to inspire the audience in some kind of way so in order to create an inspiration, my final media product consists of a moving motivational poster.

Check it out below..

Now it all comes down to how exactly did I create my motivational poster, why have I chosen these specific images and quotes and why have I used different tools such as web and creative tools to create my motivational poster.

To begin with, I had chosen this one image I photographed when I was on holiday last year in Albufeira, Portugal.

This is what I photographed:


 Now, I am about to get philosophical over here; this image holds a lot of sentimental value to me as it is supposed to show that “you exist” and “there is no land or sky, there is just water and you, only you.” This image also takes a lot of inspiration from my favourite Bollywood movie,

“ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA” (You only live once).

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara has been my all time favourite movie, its a story about friendship and how you should overcome your fears and this image takes a lot of inspiration from one particular scene in the movie.

Check out this cool sea poetry video below:


For those of you who have absolutely no idea what is going on and are just relying on the characters facial expressions whilst watching this clip, let me give you some context! As you can see, the main protagonist is seen crying on the boat and this is because he finally finds himself, after diving in the deep blue, he knows that he exists. Also there is  dialogue in the background which adds to the sentimental value and that dialogue is known as one of the most famous “Farhan Akhtar Poetries”.

Here is the English translation for the poem that seen playing in the background of this scene:

Pighle neelam sa behta ye sama,
neeli neeli si khamoshiyan,
na kahin hai zameen na kahin aasmaan,
sarsaraati hui tehniyaan pattiyaan,
keh raheen hai bas ek tum ho yahan,
bas main hoon,
meri saansein hain aur meri dhadkanein,
aisi gehraiyaan, aisi tanhaiyaan,
aur main… sirf main.
Apne hone par mujhko yakeen aa gaya.

And here is the English translation:

The moment seems to flow like a molten sapphire and there’s deep blue silence,
Neither there is earth below, nor sky above,
The rustling branches, leaves are saying that only you are here,
Only me, my breath and my heartbeat, 
Such deepness, such loneliness and me only me,
It all makes me believe in my existence.

So in order to make my poster a motivational and inspirational one, I took my favourite lines from this poetry, “only me, my breath and my heartbeat” and “it’s only me” and I incorporated it into my poster. I chose these lines because I feel it describes me as a person a little bit as I am also like the character in this scene who is trying to find herself.

Got a bit sentimental there, didn’t we?!

Now, its all about how I put everything together to make one final piece and what kind of tools have I used to create my “magnificent masterpiece”.

Well, for starters I wanted to build my way up and get professional in terms of design as I go. Instead of starting directly with after effects, a software I am really familiar with, I wanted to begin with using certain web tools first, something I am not familiar with. I wanted to learn how to make a poster or a meme from the provided layout before I go ahead and start from scratch.

So the first web tool I used was a meme generator. I used a meme generator because I thought maybe of adding some humour or sarcasm in this poster so to expand my idea, I did some research by simply typing in “memes” and “inspirational memes” on google and this is what came up and I found absolutely interesting.

I like these three memes because of how they are presented, each meme is presented with either an image in the middle with writing at the top or  a full page image with text embedded on it. From these images, I decided that my meme will consist of a full page photograph with text embedded both at the top and bottom of my poster.

Before going onto the Meme Generator and creating my meme/poster, I thought of experimenting taking of a completely different meaningful photograph on Snapchat as Snapchat provides a really simple and easy way to embed text onto a full page photograph. The only disadvantage of using Snapchat is that there is a very limited word count and because of that I was not able to complete the text. Therefore I took the image on Snapchat and shared it on my Instagram page where I was able to edit my photograph and include the complete inspirational quote.

Here is my Snapchat example:


And here is my Instagram example:


So, before actually creating my final meme, I did a lot of research and experimentation. This Instagram and Snapchat experimentation not only shows where and how the text can be embedded onto a photograph or how an image can be edited but it also introduces “David Gauntlett’s” idea of “Making is connecting” and how construction acts as a form of connection. Gauntlett argues that through making things, people engage with the world and create connections with each other. From sit back and be told culture, now media is all about making and doing culture. So the process of creating a motivational poster using the online Meme Generator whilst experimenting and sharing different interpretations of the term “motivation” makes everything a making and doing culture.  For example, creating different interpretations of the term “motivation” is often made on social tools such as Snapchat and Instagram and from these social tools, the final product created can be shared online onto websites, personal blogs or even other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and this introduces a “notice me” element. As Gauntlett argues that this shift is essential for the happiness and survival of modern societies as people are inventing their own learning and entertainment rather than being provided information on television and not doing anything about it.

Before I went off track, creating a meme on the online meme generator is fairly simple. All you have to do is import the image you want and simply add your text onto the image and click save.

There you go, your meme is created and saved. Here take a look at what I created:

Meme Generator


See, pretty simple to do?!

Although creating a poster or meme is very easy and simple to do on this website, I think for me, it doesn’t hold that sentimental value. I would imagine my final product to consist of inspirational music and several photographs including this one and that as a whole would do justice to the poetry quote, “Only me, my breath and my heartbeat.. its only me.”

Therefore, I decided to create a  moving image poster only because I thought it would do justice to my text, it would make my text seem even more meaningful. I don’t like how there is a fixed font on the meme generator and how the text ends with a full stop where it should end with three dots so it makes the audience ponder upon it. Although I do love the set image but I think it would hold a even more sentimental value if there were more images included.

I created my final piece on Adobe After Effects:

Its me…

These are the images that I used in order to create this moving image motivational poster:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I photographed all of these images in Portugal last year, as you can tell from the images, I had a very moving, emotional experience on this trip an therefore I photographed what “peace” and “tranquillity” in my eyes look like.

The next thing was to put everything together including the text on after effects to make the best inspirational, meaningful and motivational poster I’ve ever made. Like I mentioned before, after effects is a relatively easy software for me to use but for those of you who have absolutely no idea on how to use after effects then my suggestion to you is YOUTUBE TUTORIALS!!

Instead of going through each and every single process of how I created my moving image poster on after effects, I am going to tell you the important thing I did that made a massive difference to the final product.

fullsizerenderThe screenprint above shows that the original image that was used when creating the meme earlier has been embedded in the text itself. This very simple to do on after effects after creating your composition and text, all of you have to do is click the “toggles” tab at the bottom of the editing panel and after clicking that, you will see a “trikmatte” column. From that “trikmatte” column you can either choose “alpha matte” or “luma matte” and doing this will enable your image to be embedded into the text.

Seems a bit tricky to do?! Well, watch this YouTube tutorial alongside with others again and again so that you understand how to go about this..


Adobe After Effects… WOO

The next key step is to create another composition, drag it down and include a picture on that composition. Then, be able to create 2 more blank compositions across the timeline and include the rest of the images alongside the text.

Take a look at this beginners tutorial on how to use Adobe After Effects:

The final step is to be able to add music and all you have to do is drag your selected track onto a new composition underneath the motion graphics. For this specific poster, I stuck the whole Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara theme, so I found the instrumental track of the original poetry and added it to my moving image poster.

So after three main steps alongside with a lot of after effects tutorials to get your head around, you will have your completed moving image poster.

It’s only me!

That’s it from me, guys. Hope you have enjoyed my blog post, check out my moving image poster on the ds106 twitter page. 🙂


I’ll be back soon with plenty more inspirational blog posts.

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Learn how to smile through your pain: Us 4…


Hey guys,

I’m back again with another blog post and this time I will be writing about my first visual assignment. I actually really enjoyed doing this visual assignment as it allowed me to express the emotions of myself and my family members.

BUT before that, I am going to begin with talking about what this visual assignment is about and why I have chosen to do this one particular assignment out of all of the others.

So, here is the assignment link: ds106 Assignment bank: visual.

The best thing about the “ds106 assignment bank” is that any student can choose to do absolutely any assignment from the allocated categories. So in this case as it is a visual assignment, I chose to do,

“We’re are the real life Brady Bunch!” 

The purpose of this visual assignment was to basically recreate The Brady Bunch where everyone in the family is specifically showcased in their own personal space and each of them have been photographed in a different angle or have a completely different emotion on their faces. If you have absolutely no idea about what The Brady Bunch look like or what exactly it is then take look at the link and image below.


We are the Brady Bunch

I found this assignment really interesting as I thought I can create a different angle to it. My images would obviously still be presented in a collage as having them in a collage would not lose the true essence of this assignment. So originality was there in terms of photographing members in my family and presenting them in a collage, however the facial expressions were all different. I used to have a family of 4 but three years ago, my dad passed away due to cancer and now, it is just me, my mum and my brother. I chose present all four members in the collage as that to me shows completeness and security. Everyone in this collage does supposedly have a smile on their faces but

are they really happy?!

Therefore, the entire purpose of my take of this assignment to show the audience that some people, in fact I think everyone tends to portray that they’re really happy with their lives or current situation that they are in but really “inside” only they know what pain and hardship they are going through. Although, I may be wrong; maybe not everyone might be putting on that fake smile and maybe some people are actually content with their lives indeed.

I chose these 3 images of myself, my brother and my mum to show how life is like for us as a family now and the image at the bottom left is of a complete family and it shows what a dream looks like to the three of us as when someone dies, you’re never able to see them again.

“How to smile through your pain: Us 4…”

I chose this  title because its so relevant to the people in this collage. Everyone may be smiling but they are all experiencing different kinds of pain and if you save this image and zoom in to look closer, you can actually see the sadness in their eyes.


I know you guys must be thinking, why have I arranged my photographs in this particular order and why have I chosen these photographs and not anything else…

Well, there is a simple reason for this and I am going to document the reason why these photographs are there and why in this order. As you can see on the top left, it is a photograph of my mum. I chose to put my mum’s photograph first in the collage because she is now the “head”and “breadwinner” of our family, without her, there is no stability, our mum is the backbone. The next after my mum is my brother and I chose to put him before me because he has innocence on his face whereas I look a lot more mature than him.

“If my mum is the backbone of the family then my brother is the light of the family” .

Next in the collage is obviously me and from my facial expressions I look pretty stressed. I chose to put my picture at the bottom right because even though my facial expressions look pretty stressed and upset but they also tell the audience that I have got everything together. If it wasn’t for me, I think there would be no motivation in my household.

AND the final picture is of us 4 as a family, I chose this picture because its actually the only decent picture we have together as a family. I quite like it, we all look so happy and it seems like we don’t need an extra person as we are already complete as a family.

Honestly, I wouldn’t change these photographs or the arrangement in this collage at all because I think it fits so perfectly with my story, even if you start from the bottom left, the story will end as my mum being the breadwinner of the family. So you can “read” the collage either way, top left to bottom left or bottom left to top left, this collage will make perfect sense to anyone.

Got really emotional over there, didn’t we?!

Now, everything comes down to how did I manage to create a collage like this, have I made it from scratch or was everything already provided to me through a collage generator and all I had to do was import my photographs into it and add text.

For those of you who do not know what a collage is, the dictionary definition of a collage is provided in the link below:

Definition of a collage: A collage is a technique of composing a work of art by pasting on a single surface, materials not normally associated with one another.

Basically, in simpler terminology,  a collage is a series of different photographs or any other materials such as newspapers to make one big image and the 4 images above is a perfect example of different photographs coming and connecting together to make a collage.

I didn’t make my collage from scratch on photo creating and editing tool such as Photoshop, I went through a much simpler route and I used a collage generator called

Creating a collage on this website is so easy, all you have to do is choose which provided layout you’re going to choose, I chose the classic layout because it worked better for my photographs and the kind of text I wanted to include. The link below shows the layout and editing set up for this collage generator:

Lets make a collage!

Once you have decided what layout you are going to use as you can see is in the options that are easily provided to you in the navigation bar.

This website also allows you to include text on absolutely anywhere on the collage, importing images is also very easy to do, you just click the “open” tab near the top of the screen and the files you want to import from your computer will come up. Literally, is so easy to use, even a 10 year old would be able to easily make a collage. If you’d like a little bit of a challenge then create a collage from scratch from an editing software in which you start off by using a trial then eventually get a monthly membership of. If you are familiar with how to use Adobe Photoshop then by all means create a new document and experiment the different tools and blending options for example. Sometimes with Photoshop, all it takes is a lot of experimentation and watching a lot of YouTube tutorials:

How to make a high quality collage on Photoshop..

When deciding which to route take, all you have to do is compare the two so compare the online web tool with a creative editing tool called Photoshop. Famous media theorists, Jones and Hafner introduces the theory of affordances and constraints. Affordances and constraints generally happens which you have to decide which tool is the best to use so compare the two, affordances (what are the pros?) and constraints (what are the cons?) and whichever tool has the least constraints is probably the best tool to use. Jones and Hafner argue that there are four ways  media can exert control over us. The first is on the basis of  “affordances and constraints” that different forms of media has to offer. According to them,

“different tools make some actions more possible and other actions less possible.”

Routledge (2015) Understanding digital Literacies: Available at: (Accessed: 27 February 2017).

So for example, the online collage generator not only enables people to easily create a collage but it also allows them to easily share the completed collage onto social media whereas the constraints of Photoshop is that everything including the layout, the text, the font (font is selected in Photoshop after clicking on the text tool), photographs and colour has to be created from scratch and in terms of easily sharable, you have to export your completed collage or whatever it is that you have made as a jpeg file and then physically go onto Facebook for example and post it yourself over there. With that being said, Photoshop has a lot of affordances whilst has a lot constraints such as:

  • With Photoshop, everything from the ideas, creativity and final product is entirely up to the you (the producer), so for example, Photoshop not only allows you to import your own photograph but it also allows you to change the brightness or hue and saturation or even the blending options on the same photograph. That’s Photoshop’s major affordance, you can create absolutely anything from a dot to a huge canvas. Everything on Photoshop can be entirely yours.
  • Whereas the constraints of an online web generator is that if you’re not on the upgraded version then you are so constricted with using with what you’ve got on the page. For example, some people may want more layouts than the classic layout but because it is not a creative editing software, people are so constricted. Although you can choose and decide the colour of your font but other than that, the online generator does not allow you to create anything from scratch. So if you are a perfectionist or want something new or even want create a larger effect on the audience then I suggest, Photoshop is probably the best tool to use in terms of creating a collage.

Just watch a few YouTube tutorials if you don’t know how to use Photoshop, nowadays the world revolves around YouTube. Its all about discovering and uploading new videos but guess what, its completely user generated and that is such a good thing as it gives everyone freedom on what to upload. However, even though YouTube is a user generated tool, there are restrictions on their too, for instance if certain videos include copyright or inappropriate things then YouTube will have it removed straight away.

Take a look at this YouTube Photoshop tutorial, this should help you if you are struggling with Photoshop:

The affordances and constraints of tools influence what we can do but do not determine what we can do. (JR)

Routledge (2015) Understanding digital Literacies: Available at: (Accessed: 27 February 2017).

Everything about affordances and constraints link into digital literacies and Jones and Hafner’s digital literacies shows the ability to do certain things such as it not only shows what kind of person you are and how your product relates to other people and ideas but it also has the ability to encode and decode meaning. For example, this completed collage does encode and decode meaning but it also creates connection with the rest of the world in some kind of way. Some people may look at this collage and without any words need, they’d be able to connect to the images itself as they may be experiencing a similar life or experience in relation to these photographs or maybe this collage may not provoke a connection; it may just enable some people to have a sense of empathy instilled in them.

It’s all about different interpretations and how different things link up, really!

“‘Literacies’ involve understanding the affordances and constraints of different tools and being able to exploit them in creative ways”.

Routledge (2015) Understanding digital Literacies: Available at: (Accessed: 27 February 2017).

Another major constraint of using an online collage generator is that with provided things, people tend to be lazy and forget how to do basic things.

Affordances: how digital technologies are making things better. Constraints: how digital technologies are making things worse. anyone can become an artist or a photographer using digital technologies but people are forgetting how to spell/use basic grammar (your and you’re).

Take a look at this article, this should give you another reason as to why you should not completely indulge yourself in digital technologies. Yes, use them by all means but always remember your basics.

forgetting to spell : oh Jesus!

Got a bit technical there didn’t we?!

To be fair, after looking into the detail of affordances, constraints and digital literacies; if I have to do this assignment again, I’d challenge myself and go through the harder way of creating everything from scratch. I do like the layout of this completed collage but I think may the individual photographs could be slightly edited, the background could be changed and the text could be a bit more exciting. Also I think I would pay more attention to detail and perfection as I making everything myself.

If you found the “Jones and Hafner” discussion interesting and want to know a little bit more about their theories and what the think digital technologies as a whole then take look at the link below:

Jones and Hafner

Oh Yeah, here is the link for my completed collage on the ds106 twitter page with the hashtag “VisualAssignments”

My Collage

That’s it for now guys, I will be back with even more detailed and fun assignments. Hope you all have enjoyed reading this. Please comment, like, share and follow me on

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Love x


Arijit Singh: the guy who can make you fall in with…

Hey Guys..

I am back with another blog post and this blog post is all about how I created an animated gif of my favourite musician, ARIJIT SINGH!! Now, let me tell you guys how much I absolutely love that guy, I’ve been to two of his concerts and till date; those nights were the best nights of my life.

I am going to show you guys a few of my all time favourite Arijit Singh’s songs with the English translations and after reading these translations, your heart will seriously melt and you’ll already be on the verge of falling in love with him.

  1. Soch Na Sake

2. Humari Adhuri Kahani

3. Enna Sonna

4. Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki

These are just a few selection of my favourite songs, I can go on and on. Everything Arijit Singh sings is just perfect, he is able to sing in any style whether its a slow romantic song or if it is a fast paced song; he is just perfect.

I can relate to his songs so much as he sings about a lot of emotional issues and being an emotional fool, all of his songs make me blubber like a baby.

The Song I chose to gif is “Soch Na Sake. Honestly speaking if I have to choose, Soch Na Sake is probably my favourite song mainly because it has got a little bit of a Punjabi take to it and since I’m a true Punjabi at heart, I love Bollywood songs which have a little Punjabi take to it.

It just makes the song more meaningful!

In terms of the lyrics, my favourite part of the song is at the beginning so when Arijit Singh says

“tenu itna main pyar karan, ek pal ek sau vaar karan” which means “I love you so much, probably a 100 times”.

This line gives me goosebumps because it makes me go into “fairy-tale land” for a while and it makes me think that there is someone out there for me and one day he will love me as deep as these lyrics.

So if I am able to document any part of the song, Soch Na Sake into the gif I am about to create then it would that one line which is at the beginning of the song.

Since I’ve never created a gif before, I have absolutely no idea how to go about so after some research, I found “gif it”. Gif it is probably the most easiest plug in or app to have on Google Chrome, all you do is download this extension file:

Gif it 😀

Once you’ve downloaded the Chrome extension file, the gif it extension will be available to use on YouTube. Remember, this is only available on Google Chrome.

Now that the gif it extension file is successfully installed, you can go and create your gif of anything whether it is a song or a clip from a movie or television programme.


See, absolutely simple to create a gif!!

Here you go, below is the first ever gif that I created and its of my favourite musician, Arijit Singh…



This is a nice gif but it looks extremely boring and out of context. If I post this on social media, my audience will not have a clue about the meaning behind this gif or what song he is singing in this gif.

I wasn’t very happy after experimenting with the gif it extension and I did not want to end my gif like this so I thought of going that extra mile and maybe create a moving gif from scratch on Adobe Premier Pro. A software I am comfortable with, after all I love experimenting with Adobe Premier Pro and if creativity means adding feelings like Gauntlett suggests then by all means do what it takes for you to find that feeling, that connection; after all construction is a form of connection.

The creation of this gif so much more exciting, all I need to do is download an mp3 version of “Soch Na Sake” and add that beginning to this gif, maybe some text as well to make it look even more exciting.


Gauntlett: “we need to make things with media in order to think more thoroughly about the opportunities and risks associated with different materials, tools and services, both within themselves and when out in the world”.

Clay, A. (no date) Social media production: Everyday creativity. Available at: (Accessed: 27 February 2017).

In much simpler language, take the Chrome extension and Premier Pro as an example, I have experimented with both the gif it tool AND a creative tool called Adobe Premier Pro. The gif it tool by itself made the final media product seem very dull but with both, the gif it tool and Premier Pro, the final media product looks much more appealing to the eye. There you go, not only I know certain risks with the Google extension gif it tool but I also know what opportunities are brought upon if I join two materials or tools in this case together.

There you go, check out my moving image gif that I created on Adobe Premier Pro with the song “Soch Na Sake” in the background:

I think it looks so much than a singular gif that doesn’t show anything!

All I did was use gif it extension file on several live versions which show Arijit Singh singing, add a few transitions in Premier Pro and add music in the background and your moving gif is created.

These are live gifs I created from the Chrome gif it extension. Even though the final product is moving, I’ve still managed to keep the main essence of a gif.

Fun to do right?!

However, if you guys do not know how to use Adobe Premier Pro then it is worth checking out a few YouTube tutorials, I’ve provided the links below.

Watch them, they really help!!

Watch them!!!

That is it for now, hope you all loved reading this blog post…

But before I go, I would love to share my experience of going to a live Arijit Singh show, take a look

Oh and Arijit sings “Soch Na Sake” live for me too 🙂 🙂 🙂

Aw, look how happy we look!!

A snippet of Soch Na Sake live!!

Check out my tweet on the ds106 website guys!!


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